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精神危急情況請撥911並要求CIT人員協助(Crisis Intervention Training)
Mental emergency, please call 911, ask for a CIT Officer (Crisis Intervention Training)
Disclaimer: Below resources are just for information only, NAMI Chinese group is not responsible for verifying their credentials, not for any endorsement. 
To review the licenses, link to CA Board of Behavioral Science
SPECIALTY MENTAL HEALTH 亞健社心理健康服務部– Language ACCESS Intake & Referral
310 – 8th Street, Suite 210 Oakland CA 94607
ACCESS: (510) 735-3939
Phone: (510)735-3900
Fax: (510) 474-1715
Monday to Friday: 9 am – 5 pm
Closed 12 pm to 1 pm for lunch
注意:2016年七月起,ASIAN HEALTH SERVICES SPECIALTY MENTAL HEALTH 亞健社心理健康服務部和Alameda政府的合約生效,可接受低收入人士看診。

ACCESS Line 1-800-491-9099
亞拉米達縣已透過 ACCESS 計劃,設立一個聯絡與協調中心。
知道自己並非孤立無援, You are not alone!
·        您的親人、伴侶或朋友正處於情感貧乏或抽離的階段。
·        他/她可能變得「多疑」,相信一些不真實的事情(妄想症)。
·        他/她可能會聽見或看見一些不真實的東西(幻覺)。
·        他/她的言行混亂或沒有重點。
·        他/她的外表與衛生習慣可能由整齊講究變為骯髒邋遢。
·        他/她可能出現不尋常的激烈爭辯、發怒或凶暴的行為。
·        他/她可能談論或甚至企圖自殺。

link to Fremont Hospital:
Fremont Hospital is behavioral healthcare services for adolescents and adults.
"Many individuals and families suffer from addictions and mental illness. Fremont Hospital offers individualized treatment services in a safe, private setting. Our facilities provide free confidential assessment and referral services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. "     (quoted from their web)
39001 Sundale Drive | Fremont, CA 94538
Phone: 510-796-1100
John George Psychiatric Pavilion
2060 Fairmont Drive, San Leandro, CA
510-481-4141 Emergency Services
24 hours a day, seven days a week

Medication Urgent
Sausal Creek Outpatient Stabilization Clinic:
link to TeleCare ,  -Founded in 1965
provides services (including medications) to any adult who feels that they cannot wait for routine mental health outpatient care.
The clinic is open to walk-ins, individuals must be 18 years of age or older, no appointment necessary-open all holidays, only closed on Sundays.

Sausal Creek 穩定病人門診服務
電話 510-437-2363,
地址是 2620 26th Avenue/across East 27th St,Oakland。


link to DOR,  加州重建就業局
California, Department of Rehabilitation 
if someone is with a disability(including mental illness), State California DOR will assist him and her to provide services and advocacy resulting in employment, independent living, and equality for individuals with disabilities.

* 如果您有任何的殘疾 (disability), 自閉症, 酗酒, 嗑藥, 精神疾病症狀等….
您可以到辦公室, 填申請表格. 查詢如何登記講座 需懂英文
  1. DOR, Fremont office : 39155 Liberty Street, Suite F630, (510)794-2458
    Start with an application, assessment process, orientation and meet the counselor.
  2. only in Oakland has Chinese counselor
  3. 您也可以在網上 找到申請表格.
  4. 如果您的親友尚未經過診斷, 亦可以經由DOR顧問的協助, 幫忙看到合適的醫生.
  5. 顧問依您的情況評估是否符合資格,完成協助; 逐步協助您完成課程找到工作協助您獨立 等等.
Also with Chinese version 有中文版本。
Human Services Department
Strengthening Families / Supporting Community
City of Fremont – Youth and Family Services
Direct Line:  (510) 574-2128
Main Line:  (510) 574-2100
Joyce Lim
Clinical Supervisor
地址:39155 Liberty St. #E500 Fremont CA 94537
研讨会的主题, in the past  link to the flyer

link to their brochures in Chinese in PDF files:
each file has  2 sides.
1)  What is the counseling?
in Chinese
in English

2)  Understanding Anxiety Disorders
Please contact them for your inquiry.
GART是阿拉米達郡針對有嚴重行爲問題健康需求的老年人, 而設立的移動團隊支持服務。由醫師助理、持臨床醫師執照的專業人員、心理健康專家組成的團隊,提供心理健康恢複戰略計劃來化解眼前危機,並鼓勵患者獨立,提供替代住院,加強老齡患者心理健康恢複,具彈性的幹預及綜合的方法來照顧患者的健康。
409 Jackson Street, Hayward, CA
Phone - 510-891-5650; Available Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00PM  Call for appointment
Fax - 510-891-5646
Serves:Age 60 or over, Alameda County except for Berkeley.
Accepted Payment: Medi-Cal, Medicare.
電話 - 510-891-5650;周一至周五,8:30-5:00PM 電話預約
傳真 - 510-891-5646
網址 -
接受的醫療保險付款方式:Medi-Cal, Medicare.
♥美亞社區促進會--Asian Americans for Community InvolvementAACI

2400 Moorpark Ave. Suite 300
San Jose, CA 95128

Tel: 408-975-2730
Fax: 408-975-2745

749 Story Rd. Suite 50
San Jose, CA 95122

Tel: 669-800-6991

Dr. Andrea Che (車博士) 408-975-2730 轉241
Dr. Phung Tieu ( 蕭佳鳳 ) 408-975-2730 轉 206
Sophia (鄭瑞雲 ) 408-975-2730 轉 384


華人健康促進會 - Chinese Health Initiative (CHI)

請聯繫:Sylvia Leung, Phone: 電話號碼: (650) 578-7165, 電子郵件地址:
Steven Sust,電子郵件地址: