NAMI Connection-API(Asian Pacific Islanders) Peer Recovery Support Group in English.

When:2nd & 4th Saturday of every month, 11:00am to 12:30pm(PST)


Meeting ID: 913 1187 4702

Passcode: MHACC 

Meeting ID: 913 1187 4702
Passcode: MHACC 
• Free
• Confidential
• Comprised of Peers
• Respectful of others’ views
• Always hopeful
• Connections Support Group Principals 
英語 亞太族群患者互助小組
A confidential and safe support group for adults living with mental health conditions.
As someone living with a mental health condition, you may face unique challenges: 
social stereotypes and misunderstanding, complex family dynamics, changing medical 
developments. It can be overwhelming.
Our program can help you. NAMI Connection provides a safe, accepting
and confidential setting with access to a community of people who relate to your experiences.
You will gain support from people like you who get it, who have been there. 
Trained facilitators will guide you in learning  to empower yourself in a place that offers respect, 
understanding, encouragement and hope.
Contact:Elaine Peng